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How I lost weight on Slimming World - my top 10 tips to success!

Last week I was delighted when someone I haven’t seen for over a year told me how well I looked!  I thanked them for the compliment and then I realised, I’m two stone lighter than when they last saw me!


Left: June 2017 Right: Reaching target in time for my friend's wedding October 2017

And that’s thanks to Slimming World. Before you read any further, I just want to say that this post is in no way associated or sponsored by Slimming World, or any other product or company that I mention in this post. All information is based on my experience and personal story.

Okay, got that out the way!

Back in June 2017 I made the decision I wasn’t happy with how my clothes fitted and I wanted to lose weight. I was 12 stone 5 lbs and at 5ft 9″ that gave me a BMI of 25.5 = overweight.

So to get things moving I tried Slim Fast - I managed two weeks, and in that time I managed to lose 7 pounds, but it was hard work. And I was hungry. A lot. I’d done Slimming World before and I knew it worked.

So here’s how I lost that two stone with 10 tips for you to try! 

1. Sign Up to a local group  For me walking into a hall and sitting in a group, being handed books to take home and read, is what I really needed. So on July 7, 2017 that’s what I did, weighing 11 stone 12lbs. I set a target of 10 stone 7lb - something achievable and right in the middle of my BMI. 


My Slimming World books

Being weighed at a group really spurred me on each week. I’m a little competitive and I really wanted to prove I could lose the weight! I am very proud to say that I never had  a gain and only maintained twice during my journey.

It was certainly a slow and steady process, I reached target on October 13, 2017 weighing at 10st 5.5 lbs. My BMI is now 21.6.

It wasn’t always possible but staying to group and listening to other people’s stories really gave me the encouragement I needed to do well. I certainly noticed that I always did better if I’d stayed to group.

2. Planning Meal planning was essential. If I didn’t plan ahead I could easily end up eating two healthy B choices by accident. I wrote everything for the week ahead in one of my meal planners, colour co-ordinated with A&B choices, speed foods, protein and of course syns! 


My Meal Planner book

3. Inspiration - I got most of my inspiration for recipes, and motivation from instagram accounts - my favourites include:

4. If you bite it write it. Needless to say I HAD to write down EVERYTHING that I ate. As soon as I forgot to fill in my food diary, it all went wrong. Those are the weeks I maintained. I did Slimming World a few years ago and found the food diaries provided were awkward to write in and didn’t work for me - so I made my own. It is now my best selling upgrade - and so effective if you use it! 


My Slimming World Food Diary

5. Stick to the rules - but don’t deny yourself your favourite foods Simple really. If you stick to what Slimming World tell you what to do - you will lose weight. By planning I made sure I could still eat chocolate every day (Cadbury’s Treat size buttons were a life saver!)  And I allowed myself one takeaway or ate out once a week. (Normally on weigh day, c’mon we all do it, right?! )

6. Weigh & measure Do not guess the weight of your food! Cereal is the perfect example of how you can massively get it wrong. The scales were out permanently in our kitchen and even my husband got into the habit of weighing my cereal for me!


One of my favourite breakfasts

7. Eat more fruit and vegetables  Speed food certainly gets things moving! I started by adding raspberries (frozen, defrosted in the fridge) to my yogurts and cereal, and gherkins on my SW burgers (from Iceland), tomatoes in my omelettes etc..

8. Emergency Food I would always keep some HiFi or Alpen bars in the cupboard so that if I didn’t have time or needed to eat on the go I could still stay on plan. 

9. Accept you’ll have bad days Life is full of hurdles, if you can stick to eating on plan 24 /7 during the whole of your SW journey then you definitely deserve a medal! There will be times you can’t help but go off plan. Enjoy it. Tomorrow is a new day.

10. Celebrate those losses! Don’t be shy about losing weight, learn to accept compliments. I was definitely excited to receive my shiny stickers and certificates - they’re still up on the fridge! I’m really proud of what I have achieved.


Those certificates really spurred me on and remind me today of how well I did

I haven’t mentioned exercise, and that’s because I didn’t change my exercise patterns whilst on Slimming World. I walk regularly and have a fairly physical job. However if you don’t exercise already, I would definitely recommend adding some gentle exercise into your day.

I hope you have found my tips useful. Whether you’re thinking about losing weight, or if you’re already on Slimming World or Weight Watchers, or a similar eating plan, you may like to check out my range of food diaries and meal planners here.

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