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Which diary is the right one for you?

As the New Year approaches, the choice of diaries can become slightly daunting! Here is my quick guide to help you choose which style of diary page is the perfect one to keep you organised all year round!

The Page a Day Diary

If you’ve got a lot to write then this diary is perfect, especially as a ‘Dear Diary’ or a desk diary, because with 365 days in the year this diary is a relatively heavy book and something you probably don’t want to be carrying around every day.

The Week per View

A classic, you can’t go wrong with a week per view. It’s the most popular of all my diaries, ideal for home, work or school but if you have a lot of appointments you might prefer…

The Vertical Diary

Never miss a meeting again with a vertical diary - you can list all your appointments in time order, each day. Perfect! Nice and light to  show off carry to meetings.

The Week Per Page

It’s a diary and a notebook all in one. Great if you don’t have big handwriting and you love making additional notes for the week.

My ‘Pippa’ Work / Home Diary

Designed by one of my customers, Pippa; this is perfect for those that want to carry their work and home life in one book. Every four weeks there is a page of lines for notes, and a four week overview page, before four weeks of weekly pages. That’s a lot of weeks in one sentence - but enough to fill a book for a year! 

The Weekly Planner

If you are more of a planner - then this might suit you better. Feel completely in control of your life with this week per view diary  but with dedicated space for those important Emails, calls to make, things to buy and things to do…

And finally…

The Family Organiser

If you have to organise more than one person in your life then this is for you. With up to six personalised columns, you can separate all the kids activities, the dogs appointments and organise your partner’s life, a week at a time without the worry of double booking yourself. 

Remember all my diaries come un-dated so they can be started any time of the year! They make great gifts and with so many different book covers to choose from my shop, there is something for everyone.

I hope this has helped making your diary choice a little easier, so you can relax and have a Happy New Year! 

Posted 21 weeks ago