I want to reassure you and explain what steps I am making to keep you and I safe during this pandemic. 

I have signed up to Royal Mail’s click and drop service so I have reduced time spent in the post office.  I wear a mask to protect myself.

To reassure you, all my wipe clean notebooks are cleansed using antibacterial sanitiser before they are shipped.

You can send me your own books, this includes rebinding SW books. I cleanse all books when they arrive.

COVID-19 is known to survive on cardboard for up to 24 hours and up to 2 to 3 days on plastic that hasn’t been sanitised. Whilst this means a package probably ends up contaminant  free by the time it reaches you, remember it is handled by several people before it gets to your door so...

To protect yourself I recommend washing your hands after taking in any packages. If you can’t wait 24 hours to open it, dispose of all packaging (recycle paper where possible) , do not re-use, and thoroughly wash your hands.

The twine on my packaging can be aired outside for an hour before re-using.

Wipe clean your notebook if it is a wipe clean book!

If at any point I show signs of symptoms or am tested positive my website will close until 10 days after we are symptom free. You will be notified if this happens and have an outstanding order - it will be delayed OR refunded. 

Whilst I know my notebooks are not a necessity I also know that for many people they are an uplifting way to connect with others when bought as a gift. (Remember I can post directly to the recipient) And they are also a practical way to get through this crazy situation we are in, from lists, to planners etc...

I hope I can help to provide moments of comfort by continuing my service for as long as it remains permitted by the government and is safe to do so.

For more Coronavirus information please visit the Government's website

Becky x