I started collecting vintage children's books from car boots and charity shops because I loved the beautiful artwork on the covers and the happy memories of remembering those stories as a child,

I had soon filled a bookcase but storing them this way meant I couldn't appreciate any of the covers, just the spines, and most of them were missing or damaged.

I wanted to use the books and enjoy their covers and so I made my first notebook. 

At first it felt brutal, cutting up a book. I was brought up to look after my things, and I wouldn't have dared thought of writing or drawing in a book, let alone take a knife to one! 

But I was so pleased with the results, this tatty old book was now a book I could admire and make notes in. 

I now make a variety of unique notebooks and diaries - they make great gifts, and with so many different covers and printed pages to choose from there's something for everyone. Or just a perfect opportunity to treat yourself!

Becky x